Berlin, New York   12022

Berlin, New York




Transfer Station Information - 2018

Use of the transfer Station is by permit only.
A permit is required even for recyclables.
Permits are to be displayed prominently.

Please. . .

Take caps off plastic bottles and rinse out contents (especially milk jugs).
All plastics are accepted.

Clean and rinse tin cans and glass bottles.

Separate recycles BEFORE coming to Transfer Station (newspapers, cardboard, plastic, tin cans, glass all have their own bins. DI NOT mix recyclables in one bin.

Paint will be accepted IF the can is completely dry. You can use sand or cat litter to dry paint – make sure it is dry before bring to Transfer Station or it will be rejected.

Cat litter may be put in garbage container IF it is bagged - loose cat litter must be put in the C&D dumpster.

Items NOT to be thrown in household garbage container:
Light bulbs, paint, electronics, metal, batteries, recyclables, construction debris and cat litter.

Colored and clear glass can be deposited together.