Berlin, New York   12022

Berlin, New York



Building Inspector/Code Enforcement Officer



Description of Services


The Building Inspector administers building construction and permitting codes. Typical functions include issuance of building permits, performance of construction and housing inspection, vacant building inspections and issuance of certificates of occupancy and compliance. The Department is charged with enforcing the New York State Uniform Fire Prevention & Building Codes and Town of Berlin Local Laws and Ordinance.



Building Inspector/ Code Enforcement Officer

Walter A.Yerton   





Phone: (518) 423-5550




Mondays from 6-8 PM
Or by Appointment



17563 NY Rt 22


Fax (518) 658-2060




Mailing Address

Building Inspector

PO Box 307

Berlin, New York 12022



After filling out the forms you must meet with the Code Enforcement Officer.

Building Permit Form


Proof of Worker's Comp

(Statement for a Gov. entity that a business does not require Workers' Comp and/or disability benefits coverage.)


Impact Assessment


Site Plan Review Application   ( Download PDF )


Site Plan Process    ( Download PDF )